Free Drills

There are over 500 drills with diagrams and text and over 200 with video (and audio) clips!
New drills and video clips are added every month.

The drill categories are:

  • Groundstrokes
  • Volleys
  • Serve/Return
  • Specialty Shots
  • Doubles
  • Games

There is also a topic for tennis specific exercises!
The search function allows you to add different attributes to quickly find drills/games and or exercises.


There are over 100 tennis handouts in this section. You can save them to your computer as word documents and easily edit with your additional information. Some handouts can be used in your practices like H142 Concentration Grid Exercises, H142 Singles Charting and H165 Player Performance Chart while other such as H110 20 Quick Tips and H114 What to do about Bad Calls can be given to players. Here’s a sample handout;

H142 Concentration Grid Exercises

Here are two sample drills:

VPT237 High Volley

GaC676 Mini-tennis Hit and Run Game is an extensive resource for high school tennis coaches with over 300 tennis drills, video clips, tennis team practice formats and a tennis coach’s forum. High school tennis coaches will also gain access to the tennis team Line-up Maker and the tennis Strategy Maker. provides everything to organize your high school tennis team from team practice formats to match play strategies!

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