Highschooltenniscoach.com provides an extensive resource for coaches!  The site is run by CRTS (Club & Resort Tennis Services); CRTS has a very impressive list of Tennis Coaches, Teaching Professionals and Sports Psychologists that contribute information, ideas and answer questions in our forums.
CRTS has been providing resources for coaches through this site, a high school tennis coach blog, free You Tube drill clips and numerous workshops and presentations throughout the country.  Thousands of High School Tennis Coaches have used the site to gain new ideas, set up efficient and effective practices, save time and energy and make things a little easier!  Here are some comments from coaches about the site and our services:

"Over the course of 8 or more years our Mississippi tennis coaches have been offered the use of this Web Site for their development as coaches. Our Mississippi office has found through comments of coaches that it is really beneficial to the knowledge of our coaches new and old. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information. I would not hesitate to courage Pros and Coaches to support this web site. I have used it many times to use the drills and organizational information when on court. Thanks!"
-Kent Shultz, USTA  MS

"Larry has been one of the speakers at our Mid-Atlantic High School Tennis Coaches Workshop for the past five years. One of the perks for the coaches coming to the workshop and paying the fee is access to Larry’s www.highschooltenniscoach.com site for a period of 4 months following the workshop. This site provides a terrific reference and helps the coaches navigate successfully through their high school seasons whether newbees or veterans. The site contains a myriad of drills both live and dead ball as well as tips on running a successful practice.
I highly recommend this site as well as other tools Larry has designed for coaching success."
-Alicia von Lossberg, Mid Atlantic USTA Schools

"You have heard me speak many times about Larry Karageanes’s website highschooltenniscoach.com. It is a wonderful website for all levels of HS coach. Our NC Tennis Foundation has purchased licenses for about 100-125 coaches for the last 8-10 years. It is one of the most popular things and beneficial things we do for HS coaches."
-Kelly Gaines, Exeutive Director, USTA NC

"USTA South Carolina provides registered High School No-Cut Coaches in South Carolina with free access to your site www.highschooltenniscoach.com. We’ve done this since 2007 as we value the resource and guidance it provides high school tennis coaches. 
The experience and tennis specific skills of high school coaches varies greatly from school district to school district. While some are veteran coaches with teaching certifications many are simply tennis fans or simply a chaperone to ensure safety and manage team logistics. Access to the suite of services such as drills and practice plans on www.highschooltenniscoach.com gives coaches more tools and thereby more confidence and success managing great team practices. Offering this support increases our partnership with high school tennis and ultimately helps high school players have a positive team experience."
-Graham Cox, Executive Director, USTA SC

"I love your site; obviously, as I've gotten it for the last 6 seasons...!"
-Jim Magee

"The amount of information and easy access saves time, makes our practice better and my coachin job easier!  Thanks!!!"
-A. Vonn, MD

"I really like the site.  I have been coaching for 13 years. .  Great site, my team had the best work out of the year today!"
- Chad Redwine, TX

"I just want to thank you for this website and all the work you've put into it.  This has revolutionized our tennis program and has brought fresh, fun ideas for the kids. It has also brought a new excitement for me as the coach.  They are really enjoying this.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!" 
-Tom Alongi, Capital H.S. Tennis Coach

"I really appreciate highschooltenniscoach!  My practices are going to be better because of this site."
Have a great day,
-Stephen Solis

"Keep the quality drills/ideas coming! I get a lot out of your site".
Thank you.
-Tom Haviland

“It's a very useful site for a tennis coach or for someone who teaches tennis. I also use it at the camp I run in the summer so staff can access drills/strategies/lesson plans etc. It's very valuable!"
-Tom Lang, Montgomery County Public Schools, MD

"The great wealth of information provided by highschooltenniscoach.com has helped the Leon High School tennis teams reach their potential during the last two seasons. Practice sessions have remained innovative and fresh. And it has translated into unparalleled success on the court during competition. Thanks."
-Kevin Record, Two-time Big Bend Coach of the Year, Leon High School , FL

"The ideas, drills and plans (for large groups on a court) were very helpful.   When I get stuck for new ideas I always use highschooltenniscoach!"
-D. Olsonn

"The site has a lot of useful material; drills and video clips (love them), handouts, practice ideas and match coaching!  It's a resource I will always use as long as I coach!"
-Ken Frank

"highschooltennniscoach has been an invaluable resource for me for many years.  I count on this website for exciting, new ideas for drills and for keeping my practice plans "fresh" and challenging.  The information provided about  the mental game and conditioning are really helpful too.  Pre-season or in-season, this site should be a regular  "bookmark" for any high school tennis coach!!"
-Lindsey Linker, Chapel Hill East, NC (15 time state champions)

Highschooltenniscoach.com is an extensive resource for high school tennis coaches with over 300 tennis drills, video clips, tennis team practice formats and a tennis coach’s forum. High school tennis coaches will also gain access to the tennis team Line-up Maker and the tennis Strategy Maker.

Highschooltenniscoach.com provides everything to organize your high school tennis team from team practice formats to match play strategies!

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